If you don’t know Alex Albino, you don’t know Alex Albino. 

Believe me, any encounter with him is unforgettable!
Musician, singer, composer and actor, Alex Albino leaves an indelible mark at the stages he performs. His burlesque and mysterious figure draws attention in the minute he appears.

When the raw and shocking voice echoes and the restless performance begins,  it’s impossible not to be stunned. Everything about Alex is intense, almost extravagant. His flamboyant personality shows in the music, performance and costumes. He exaggerates, but never crosses the line. And his audience always wants to come back for more after receiving a high voltage dose of energy.

As restless as he looks, is now added to his work with his two bands (Blackalbino and Sapato Baixo), a new project: his first solo EP. And what an EP! Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee at the renowned studio Bomb Shelter, where Alabama Shakes also recorded their awarded debut album, the EP “Mercúrio” has surprising production by Alex Albino himself and Billy Bennett, with a charming  authorial repertoire.

The lead single, “AA Song”, got a dazzling music video directed by Gabriel Novis, which ensured the awards for “Best New Release” and “Best Voice” to the artist by the Latin American Music Video Awards 2019 in Los Angeles.

“Casmurro” is the second single released by Alex, the tune also carries a music video directed by Gabriel Novis, but this time the shooting took place in Brazilian lands. The chosen spot was the state of Alagoas, homeland of Novis and Albino's grandfather.

Whether in Nashville, Netherlands or Brazil, from Folk to Soul Music, from calm melodies to the sensational dance moves, from singing to acting, certainly it’s impossible to define Alex Albino.

And now that you know him, it’s also impossible to forget him!

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